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You're heard this word TEGGINGS®, bandied about on the internet, but WTF is a Tegging?

The brand name "Teggings" comes from the initial product we started to sell in 2009, which were our special stretchy leggings that folks just could not get enough of. These products could be described as "what would happen if tights and leggings had a baby," hence the name "Teggings." 



Teggings® are now available in tank tops, tube tops, long sleeve shirts, bras, dresses, and several lengths of leggings.


They're described by Marianne Kirby of xojane.com as MAGIC. They are beloved by so many of Re/Dress' customers as the ultimate fashion solution! They are made by a dancewear company and are meant to wick away sweat while keeping your core temperature stable. They also actually fit sizes 12-30, which seems unbelieveable, but has been proven time and time again! Super stretchy, super comfy, and if cared for properly by washing in cold and hanging or drying flat, they can last for up to 30 washes or more, making them way more durable then any product of its kind on the market.

(button picture from Rachel Kempster's blog)

teggings.jpgYou can wear them all day long and they won't slip or slide. They're perfect for turning that tunic into a wearable mini-dress, for Yoga & excercise wear, for preventing friction between your thighs, and for layering for warmth.

They come in several COLORS, too! No more are plus sizes confined to only black, brown, & grey!

Our premium double knit 92% Nylon and 8% spandex elastane make for the stretchiest, yet most wearable blend that will fit all the way up to a 5x. 


You have to try a pair a Teggings and you'll be a believer, too!


Looking to buy Teggings in bulk for your store or website? We start at a minimum quantity of 60, and sell the products in six-packs of each colorway that cannot be broken or spilt. Wholesale orders can get 25%-35% off the retail price depending on quantity. Please contact online@redressnyc.com for more info. Teggings are a registered Trademark of Re/Dress, and we are the only wholesale provider of Teggings. We've developed the patterns for our product and fit test them on a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure quality and fit. Anything else is just an impostor!


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